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Youth Work Week 2015: ‘Youth Workers Creating Paths to Peace’
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Youth Work Week 2015: ‘Youth Workers Creating Paths to Peace’

Join thousands of people around the Commonwealth who will be taking part in this year’s Youth Work Week, held under the theme ‘Youth Workers Creating Paths to Peace’.

Youth Work Week is a celebration of the achievements of youth workers and young people. It was first established in the United Kingdom by the National Youth Agency two decades ago, and since 2012 the Commonwealth Secretariat has worked to expand its reach and scope across the 53 nations of the Commonwealth.

This year Youth Work Week theme acknowledges the crucial role that youth workers around the world play in fostering social cohesion, peace and security. This focus on peace-building is especially timely, as young people face increasing threats and enticement from extremist elements of society, and youth workers are a strong protection and guidance strategy.

Youth clubs, national youth councils, youth ministries, departments, and national youth organisations from across the Commonwealth can all get involved in Youth Work Week by hosting an event or activity. Each year, more than a hundred related events take place across the globe including youth forums, employment workshops, award ceremonies and community events.

Large or small, it doesn’t make a difference – in 2014, youth workers in the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu held a training workshop geared towards enhancing their professional development and career opportunities. Also that year, Sri Lankan youth workers conducted a membership drive to form a professional association and led a national forum on professionalising youth work.

Katherine Ellis, Director of the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Youth Division said: ‘There is often a tendency to overlook the vital contribution that youth workers make in the development of young people. Youth workers deserve our respect and our admiration for the important work that they do to engage and empower young people at all levels. Youth Work Week recognises and celebrates youth workers for the key role that they play in strengthening our societies, communities, and nations.’

To learn how you can get involved in this year’s activities, visit: http://thecommonwealth.org/media/press-release/call-entries-commonwealth-youth-worker-awards



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