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Interview with Nolana Lynch, winner of Commonwealth Youth Award 2015 for the Caribbean region
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Interview with Nolana Lynch, winner of Commonwealth Youth Award 2015 for the Caribbean region

Nolana E Lynch

Nolana Lynch is founder of the eco-friendly, all-natural skin and hair care line Eco-Truffles, which uses sustainable raw materials from rural women producers throughout the Caribbean. She has also spearheaded sustainable agriculture projects in several Caribbean countries. Nolana served as the National Coordinator of the Caribbean Youth Environment Network, and was awarded the Trinidad and Tobago National Youth Award in 2013.


What got you interested in what you’re doing now?

I decided to go all natural with my skin and haircare regime but sometimes it proved quite difficult to find all natural products. Because of this, I started mixing natural products myself for my friends and I. Then eventually it developped into a businesss, linking to the social work I do. My friends always support me and have really helped to drive my business.


Describe a typical day for you

I usually wake up at around 5am. My morning routine consists of exercise, gardening and meditation. I thinking that taking care of yourself is important – healthy eating and exercise are essential. Once I’ve finished my morning routine, then I start making products. I juggle that with social media – I am actively posting every day on new products. I also sometimes have specific engagements like motivational talks at schools and have to manage online orders. That’s just the morning. In the afternoon I tend to spend more time on working on the branding for Eco Truffles.

Otherwise, I try to keep my weekends relatively work-free. In my spare time I like going to new restaurants, singing in my church choir and gardening – I spend a lot of time in plant stores.


What are the everyday challenges you face in your work?

Time management is key – there are always things that can throw you off course, making it difficult to achieve all your objectives. Another constant challenge is staying healthy – as passionate young people, we feel invincible but if you don’t take care of yourself, there will be no you to take care of the world. I need to make sure I stop to eat and to rest.


Top 3 songs?  

The prayer by Yolanda Adams and Donnie McClurkin – it represents how much I have faith in God every day.

I believe I can fly by R. Kelly – I think that this song is really inspiring for young people starting out

You can make it if you try by Sly and the Family Stone – I used to sing this as a child. It reminds me of good times with my family.


Top 3 films ?

The Sound of Music, simply because I love music and singing

Prince of Egypt as it is all about moving to the Promised Land, a subject that is dear to my heart.

The Ten Commandments


Top 3 heroes

My parents – my dad is really into environmental matters – he loves diving and snorkelling. Thanks to him, I grew up with a strong appreciation and love for nature. My mum because she has a strong business head and is very supportive of all that I do.

Mother Theresa – I am inspired by her peaceful approach towards empowering women

My pastor – she has a firm but soft approach and has done a lot to help my community. She also has a passion for youth and is always really excited about what I am doing.


What are your next steps?

I have two things on my plate right now – we are in the process of building a spa so I will be looking to grow that project. I am also trying to finish up my thesis.



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