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Correspondent Timi interviews US State Dept’s Macon Phillips
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Correspondent Timi interviews US State Dept’s Macon Phillips

“I need to be the kind of person that creates opportunities”, Timi Olagunju, a Commonwealth correspondent from Lagos in Nigeria tells the State Department’s Macon Phillips in a podcast.

Through his non-profit organisation, Nigerian Youths in Motion (NYM), Timi helps empower over 350 young Nigerians in engaging their community, government, and institutions to help create better opportunities for themselves and their peers.

“NYM was born out of a need to harness the intellectual energies and creativity of young people. So it was channelling it towards making policy recommendations to the government,” he said. So far the organisation has been able to increase Nigeria’s education budget by 350 percent since 2012.

What’s next for this hardworking lawyer, writer and speaker? Listen to the full podcast to find out!

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