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An Inclusive Commonwealth: our Correspondents
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An Inclusive Commonwealth: our Correspondents

In honour of Commonwealth Day 2016, some of our Correspondents have shared what the idea of an ‘Inclusive Commonwealth’ means to them.

Renice Bostic pic


“I envision ‘An Inclusive Commonwealth’ where similarities enrich us and differences don’t hinder tolerance, respect and understanding. My experience as a Commonwealth scholar encouraged me to respect diversity.”



Denise Juvane


“An inclusive Commonwealth is about bridging the gap between member states and creating methods of globalisation and development in particular, which positively affects all of us. It is about developing plans to impact not only those individuals directly linked to organisations, political bodies and people of influence – but also ordinary everyday people.”




Christine Shahbenderian

“One of the wonders of the Commonwealth is its special work as a champion for the vulnerable – both for the young people and small states. Coming from a small island like Cyprus, the support and wide array of possibilities given by the Commonwealth to the island state, stands as one of the most tangible examples of the organisation’s inclusiveness.”




Kevin Tan pic


“Though different in culture, Commonwealth nations share similar political systems. An inclusive Commonwealth would not just rely on our commonalities but on our differences as well, so as to create dynamism and diversity.”




Read more of their thoughts here, and share in the comments what an ‘Inclusive Commonwealth’ represents to YOU.



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