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What does the Commonwealth mean to you? We want to know!
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What does the Commonwealth mean to you? We want to know!

We want to hear from the Commonwealth Correspondents and hear their Commonwealth story, why it is important to them and what it still matters today.

What’s happening?

In April 2018, the UK will host the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) when leaders from all the member countries are expected to gather in London and Windsor. They will come together to reaffirm our common values, address the shared global challenges we face and agree how to work to create a better future for all our citizens, particularly young people.

Ahead of the summit we’re running a digital campaign – #ourCommonwealth – asking people to talk about what the Commonwealth means to them as well as show the links between Commonwealth countries, how they work together, support each other, and demonstrate relevance to the Commonwealth in the 21st Century.

Your story could be anything – personal or family stories about your family; stories of people studying in a different country due to a CW scheme; a business enjoying success due to the CW Advantage; people who have come together on a particular issue affecting CW countries – the stories that show how the CW works together and unites people.

How can you get involved? 

We want to hear your Commonwealth story. Film a video about you and your story, maybe with footage from your home country and your life and upload it to our Facebook. Don’t make your video any longer than 60 seconds and go for an engaging and informal style.

Or get in contact with us – again via our Facebook page – and tell what the Commonwealth means to you.

Or if you have a story to tell but don’t know how to tell it, get in touch with and we can give you a voice to tell that story or raise awareness of the Commonwealth issue that is important to you.  We can provide tips and suggestions and help you with your films. We’re on Twitter @commonwealth18

– post by the Commonwealth Summit Unit



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