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“Education watchdogs highlight challenges”
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“Education watchdogs highlight challenges”

 In its inaugural publication, the Commonwealth Students Association(CSA) explores the challenges of evaluating student competence in Jamaica, learning outcomes in India, sexual assault in Africa’s universities and inclusivity in Education globally.It also takes a look at wage-related tensions between Nigeria’s university faculty and Federal Government, the Pacific Youth Leaders Workshop among other happenings.

About us:The Commonwealth Students’ Association is committed to empowering student leaders across the Commonwealth to become drivers of education reform. Leading the charge as education sector “watchdogs” are CSA’s newly appointed Regional Correspondents who currently represent 3 of 4 Commonwealth sub-regions.

Our Newsletter is intended to inform you-the reader about education-related developments across all regions. It also provides an opportunity for students to share views on current challenges within their regions while recommending feasible solutions. Each article provides a unique perspective from the lens of young independent researchers, and is underpinned by evidence-based approaches.

You can find the Newsletter by following this link: CSA Newsletter




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