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Meet the CYSDP Members – Tahere Siisiialafia
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Meet the CYSDP Members – Tahere Siisiialafia

The Commonwealth Youth Sport for Development and Peace Working Group (CYSDP) has grown tremendously within the past year, adding a number of new team members from across the multicultural Commonwealth. While you may be aware of the CYSDP’s mission and vision, it’s important to know who our members are. Every month we’ll introduce a CYSDP member to give you a deeper insight into the lives of youth leaders and practitioners in Sport for Development and Peace (SDP). This month, the spotlight is on CYSDP Pacific Regional Representative Ms Tahere Siisiialafia.

Tell us about yourself and the work that you do.

My name is Tahere Siisiialafia, and I am currently a Sociology Lecturer at the National University of Samoa. In 2013, I became the Executive Board Member of the Pacific Youth Council, and I have been representing Pacific young people at national, regional and international events to promote understanding of issues affecting young people in Small Island Developing States (SIDS). My ambition is to ensure that the voices and concerns of young people from SIDS are not only heard, but are also reflected in various development processes.

What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment in the SDP sector?

I consider sport to be a form of art and a great mechanism for self-expression. Thus, I would say that one accomplishment is the development of self where I have gained self-confidence and strengthened intrinsic values in myself and others, which contributes to building and fostering a spirit of solidarity among young people.

How has your involvement in the CYSDP enhanced your work?

Sport is not fully my area of expertise; however, learning from the work of other members and their knowledge is a definite benefit for my work, especially as a Lecturer. I share my experiences with CYSDP to my students and it sparks their interest in being engaged in these processes. I am a strong advocate for positive youth development, and the creative arts and sport can be powerful mechanisms for peace if utilised positively. Being involved in CYSDP has enhanced my knowledge and capacity in policy development.

For more information on CYSDP, visit us at:
Website – http://www.yourcommonwealth.org/cysdp/
Facebook – Commonwealth Youth Sport for Development and Peace Working Group
Twitter – @CommYouthSDP



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