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Meet the CYSDP Members – John Oluwadero
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Meet the CYSDP Members – John Oluwadero

The Commonwealth Youth Sport for Development and Peace Working Group (CYSDP) has grown tremendously within the past year, adding a number of new team members from across the multicultural Commonwealth. While you may be aware of the CYSDP’s mission and vision, it’s important to know who our members are. Every month we’ll introduce a CYSDP member to give you a deeper insight into the lives of youth leaders and practitioners in Sport for Development and Peace (SDP). This month, the spotlight is on CYSDP Africa Regional Representative Mr John Oluwadero.

Tell us about yourself and the work that you do.

I serve as the Executive Coordinator of the Better Nigeria Initiative (BNI), a youth work and community development agency committed to strengthening communities through the empowerment of young people as actors in development. As the Executive Coordinator, I mobilise young people to implement projects and initiatives aimed at civic engagement, sustainable development, capacity development and access to quality education and lifelong learning. Established in 2009, BNI is both a Campus and Community Network. We currently have thirteen Campus Networks, with a National Campus Secretariat at the University of Ibadan and a Community Youth Centre in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State. Our National Campus Secretariat has 37 members, while the Centre provides capacity building, civic engagement, and career development activities for young people.

What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment in the SDP sector?

BNI hosted a conference at the University of Ibadan to mark the 2016 International Day of Sport for Development and Peace on 6 April 6. A communiqué advocating for SDP was developed and approved by Mallam Al-Hassan Yakmut, a representative of Commonwealth Advisory Body on Sport (CABOS). In July, I met with the Minister of Youth and Sports (Nigeria), Barrister Solomon Dalung, in which he approved a CYSDP proposal for the establishment of National Youth Advisory Group on SDP. We have also recently launched a #Sport4DevelopmentBill campaign in Nigeria as a platform for advocating for the approval of the Sport for Development Bill by the House of Representatives.

How has your involvement in the CYSDP enhanced your work?

CYSDP has given me the platform to network and share ideas with other young leaders across the Commonwealth. I have also benefited immensely from the depth of knowledge and experience of my working group members. Through CYSDP, I have been able to acquire expertise in regards to the design and implementation of SDP projects.

For more information on CYSDP, visit us at:
Website – http://www.yourcommonwealth.org/cysdp/
Facebook – Commonwealth Youth Sport for Development and Peace Working Group
Twitter – @CommYouthSDP



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