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Meet the CYSDP Members – Jennifer Wong
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Meet the CYSDP Members – Jennifer Wong

The Commonwealth Youth Sport for Development and Peace Working Group (CYSDP) has grown tremendously within the past year, adding a number of new team members from across the multicultural Commonwealth. While you may be aware of the CYSDP’s mission and vision, it’s important to know who our members are. Every month we’ll introduce a CYSDP member to give you a deeper insight into the lives of youth leaders and practitioners in Sport for Development and Peace (SDP). This month, the spotlight is on Ms Jennifer Wong.

Tell us about yourself and the work that you do.
Originally from Canada, I work for the Agitos Foundation – the development arm of the International Paralympic Committee. Based in Bonn, Germany, my main role as Senior Manager of Programme Development largely centres around designing materials and implementation plans for education programmes across the Paralympic movement. We are currently working on two new programmes. Proud Paralympian which aims to empower Para athletes and Paralympians with the information they need to perform to the best of their abilities on and off the playing field and learn how to promote Para sport to others in their communities. I’mPossible is a school based programme for learnings aged 6-12 focused on teaching them about inclusion through Para sport, the Paralympic values and the inspirational stories of our athletes.

What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment in the SDP sector?
My first engagement with Para sport (sport for people with impairments) was as an intern with Commonwealth Games Canada in Trinidad and Tobago. Here I met a lot of very talented young people with impairments who were able to overcome many social barriers in the communities by engaging in sport. My biggest accomplishment in the SDP sector so far has been being able to give back to these young people from a global perspective by helping to create new programmes and partnerships ensuring better opportunities in their countries. Seeing athletes qualifying for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games as a result of the programmes Agitos Foundation is supporting/delivering is really motivating. Meet one of our #TeamAgitos athletes – Mexico’s Eliezer Gabriel Buenaventura

How has your involvement in the CYSDP enhanced your work?
As one of the founding members of CYSDP, it has been a privilege to work together with such a diverse and talented group of young leaders from around the work. Being part of CYSDP has helped me to expand my network, share ideas and contribute to this working group’s strategic direction for years to come. It has been really positive for me at the current stage of my career and I hope the skills I’ve learned will help me in further positions and a leader as my career continues to grow.

For more information on CYSDP, visit us at:
Website – http://www.yourcommonwealth.org/cysdp/
Facebook – Commonwealth Youth Sport for Development and Peace Working Group
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