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Commonwealth Youth Expert Group Meeting on Climate Change
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Commonwealth Youth Expert Group Meeting on Climate Change

The Commonwealth Youth Climate Change Network (CYCN) is organising a Commonwealth Youth Expert Group Meeting (EGM) on Climate Change, with support from the Youth Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Commonwealth Youth Council. The meeting will be convened from 9-11 June 2015 and will take place in London, UK.

The Youth EGM on Climate Change will bring together a group of key young climate change experts and practitioners from across the Commonwealth to discuss, formulate and agree on key recommendations for a post-2015 global climate change agreement. Delegates will also identify avenues for these recommendations to be included in the pledges of Commonwealth member states in the lead up to the COP21.

About fifteen youth experts on climate change will take part in the meeting, representing various Commonwealth nations and playing an active role within their organisation or network. They will be assisted by invited senior experts on climate change and sustainable development, representing Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre, UNESCO, the University of West Indies, the Commonwealth Secretariat, the Commonwealth Disaster Management Agency and the Prince of Wales’ International Sustainability Unit (ISU). These senior experts will provide advice about developing a set of clear recommendations for a post-2015 climate change agreement (with a youth lens) to be submitted to Commonwealth member states and other decision makers in the lead up to COP21, and used as advocacy arguments to ensure young people’s concerns and expertise is included in COP21 pledges and submissions.

On the occasion of the World Oceans Day 2015, on 8th June, delegates to the meeting will also participate to the official launch of a Photography Competition organised by the Prince of Wales’ International Sustainability Unit (ISU) that focuses on realising the potential of our oceans and coasts. The launch event will take place at the Royal Geographical Society in London.

For more information about the event, see: Commonwealth Youth Council

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