Who we are

Meet the CYCN Executive team: 

The Commonwealth Youth Climate Change Network (CYCN) is led by a youth team comprised
of a Network Coordinator, five (5) Executive Committee members, Regional Coordinators, and
Country Coordinators. The various committees within the network include:

Partnerships and Engagement Committee: Seeks to secure funding opportunities both regionally and internationally so that, regional and country coordinators can upscale their initiatives in the region. 

Policy & Advocacy Committee: Responsible for promoting climate and sustainability policies through various advocacy networks across the Commonwealth in collaboration with the Country Coordinators.

Communication & Public Relations Committee: Responsible for coordinating all online platforms of CYCN for a consistent and seamless exchange of information between the network and the public. The committee is also responsible for internal communications between the CYCN Executives and the wider membership.

Projects, Events & Competitions Committee: Coordinates and seek opportunities for Network development and connects members with knowledgeable people in peacebuilding through training opportunities virtually or online. The committee is primarily responsible for the planning and execution of events and activities of the CYCN.

 Participation & Grassroots Engagement Committee: Tasked with creating and maintaining the Network’s database and that of key stakeholders in the climate and sustainable development space across the Commonwealth. A key role of the committee is to enhance engagement with grassroots organizations and marginalized or vulnerable populations to involve those young persons in the initiatives of the CYCN.

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For more information and updates, email: [email protected]