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Youth to laud late PM
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Youth to laud late PM

One of Barbados’ leading youth organisations is on a mission to pay tribute to late Prime Minister David Thompson.

The Emerging Global Leaders of Barbados (EGLB) hopes to have a youth summit put together and named after the late Prime Minister.

Advisor to the group, Jeff Broomes indicated that they had written to the Minister of Education and Human Resource Development Ronald Jones proposing to have the David Thompson Youth Leadership Summit here in Barbados. Mr. Broomes also explained to the media that he had been informed recently that a positive recommendation had gone forward about the proposal.

He explained, “the idea is to bring all the youth leaders, or as many as possible from throughout the Caribbean islands to Barbados for a seven or eight day youth leadership workshop.”
The structure would be similar to the annual Global Youth Leadership Conference hosted in the United States.

This particular conference is usually well attended by youth from across the region and beyond.

To have such an activity here in Barbados would be useful for youth leaders of the Caribbean to come together and engage ideas whilst engaging in personal development.

In giving special mention to the work done by the EGLB in helping with the all around development of other youth Broomes pledged his continued support for the group.

He said, “I just honestly and sincerely believe that when you find young people like this coming together and working with such passion and such vision it can only portend well for our country. I am very, very proud of the young people.”



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