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Youth leader beaten over simplistic demands
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Youth leader beaten over simplistic demands

Kabarole youth chairman yesterday survived being lynched by fellow youth who accused him of begging President Museveni for “trivial things” yet there were more pressing issues concerning them in Tooro.

The youth assaulted Mr Godfrey Mugabo after a meeting with President in Fort Portal town. During the meeting, Mr Mugabo among others, asked for a brick- making machine, a tractor, a hatchery and a youth training centre.

Order restored
“For your demands, let the leaders (Minister Adolf Mwesige) write to me and I will grant them,” President Museveni said in response.
As soon as the President left the hall at 1:30pm for his first rally in Kamwenge District, the youth started heckling their leader. They gathered outside the hall in groups, some picking stones and sticks.

The rowdy youth then besieged Mr Mugabo and began beating him. The presidential guard team that was left behind, sensing danger, moved in and quickly made a ring around Mugabo. They were, however, overpowered by the youth who were hurling stones and roughing up Mr Mugabo

Momentary order was restored when more troops moved in and helped whisk away Mr Mugabo to a waiting bus and drove him away. “How can you go before god and ask him for a bicycle?” one youth asked. “Not all of us will use the brick machine, some of us are girls, some of us have university degrees and we want jobs not making bricks,” others shouted in unison.

They were bitter that Mr Mugabo did not first consult them about the needs and projects they want as youth in Kabarole. Last week, the youth wrote a press release indicating that they want a Youth MP representing the Rwenzori region. No one had been reported arrested over the fracas.



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