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Youth Congress is looking for non-political faces, says Satav
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Youth Congress is looking for non-political faces, says Satav

PUNE: Indian Youth Congress (IYC) national president Rajiv Satav has said that about 80-85 per cent office bearers of the Maharashtra Youth Congress would come from non-political background.

“The general trend in politics is of promoting scions of politicians and only youth having political background have so far received plum posts. For the first time in history, the Youth Congress is going for a democratic election process to elect block, assembly, Lok Sabha and state office bearers. Elections in 15 states are already completed, and the process in Maharashtra will start on Saturday and conclude on February 15,” said Satav while speaking to reporters at the Congress Bhavan on Wednesday. “We will ensure that youths with criminal background do not grab posts and also no forgery takes place during the election process. Henceforth, there will be no post of a city unit president. As per the new system, Lok Sabha constituency wise presidents will be elected,” said Satav.

He said that the track record of the IYC office bearers will be kept with the party and only leaders who have proved their potential will be promoted further. “As per Rahul Gandhi’s vision, the Youth Congress has started training programme for its leaders. We are not in competition with any political out fit to attract youths. In fact, we are the only organisation to have a democratic election process which is absent in all parties, including the Indian National Congress,” said Satav.

Even as Satav claimed that youths with non political background will be given massive representation in the organisational set up, city leaders including MLAs MLCs, former ministers and corporators were present with their political heirs to present them before Satav.



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