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Work Experience at the Commonwealth
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Work Experience at the Commonwealth

As a requirement of the UK government, work experience, for boys and girls in Year 10, is essential. This allows you and I to gain a broader understanding of life outside the classroom and see the REAL world.

I decided to enrol with the Commonwealth Secretariat. The reasoning behind this was because I admired the work of ComSec. For example, they promoting Peace and Democracy, Sustainable Development and Faciliate Legal Co-operation.

On the first day of my work experience, I worked with the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Division (LCAD). This division promotes the Rule of Law in Commonwealth Countries in order to strengthen the democracy and achieve sustainable development.

Also, I was able to read past cases and recognised the need to work hard in order to become very good at what you do. That little experience has allowed me to gain more knowledge on the Law front, an area which I would like to pursue.

On the second day, I was appointed to the Communications and Public Affairs Division (CPAD). Here, I learnt that the using complex words in your website is not needed. It’s better to use simple, short paragraphs – little text and pictures. These attract and keep people on your website. As well as this, the website must be easy to use, if not you’ll lose peoples’ interest quickly.

In CPAD I also learnt about validating what goes onto a social media website and to make sure that it promotes your organisation. Also, the need to appeal to a viewer and keep them interested as social media is about choice.

Overall, these two days have been a great success and I would like to thank the Commonwealth for making it very intriguing.




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