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Who is the face of Leadership?
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Who is the face of Leadership?

Have you ever thought about this before? As a young person, what comes to mind when you think about Leadership? Who do you see as a leader?

Around you today, who are the leaders?

Just in case you are thinking too far, that face is what you see when you look in the mirror.

In Nigeria today, there is a lot of misconception about Leadership. When young people think about leadership, position comes to mind. That is wrong! Moreover, its one of the reasons we have not made any tangible impact in our time. We keep waiting till we get to that position before we can do anything or instead of taking responsibility when things go wrong, we wait for those in position. It is soooo wrong!

We need to begin to see the true face of leadership, It’s you and I! We are the face of leadership and in case you have not heard, Nigeria is in her birthing stage right now. Young leaders are arising and taking their place in making sure Nigeria becomes the most desired nation to live in by 2025.

The face of leadership is that young person from the backside of nowhere who identifies a need in his school, community or wherever and takes responsibility for that need. That is the face of the new Nigeria!

Leadership has nothing to do with position rather in our ability to identify the needs of others within our sphere of influence and making an effort to meet those needs.

So the next time you think about leadership, it is that face in the mirror. Imagine having young leaders who are in their 20’s, taking charge in the area of governance in different states in Nigeria. If you do not take action now, someone else will. Nigeria needs you.

Remember, we all can’t be up there, we just need to find our place and function accordingly.

article submitted by: Kikelomo Taiwo



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