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Video: Hip Hop and Bicycles in Kenyan Slums
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Video: Hip Hop and Bicycles in Kenyan Slums

A group of Kenyan teenagers in the slums of Nairobi created this hip hop video about bicycling and climate change:

Okay, so the rhymes might not score anyone a recording contract, but that hook is pretty nice. And, more importantly, the kids just won the “1 minute to save the world” video contest.

One member of the group, Dickson Oyugi, explained why they believe that personal action matters:

Most of us just sit and wait for the governments to take action about climate change
Wafalme instead think that together we can, with small actions in our daily life, make a difference. The most simple and innovative solution is coming from a group of kids in the slums of Nairobi: using bicycles instead of cars!

If the Wafalme sound sounds familiar, you might be remembering them from their “Trash Is Cash” video awhile back. To see the other submissions and winners of the “1 minute to save the world” contest, check out their site.


Hat tip to Jamie at 350.org.
click below to watch the video.



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