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The Youths of Today are the Leaders of Tomorrow
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The Youths of Today are the Leaders of Tomorrow

Youths of every race and dimension, have always stood center stage in the socio-economic developments of nations across the globe. They represent a measure of success or failure for every State or region based on what governments do with them and for them. They could be the driving force behind the development and peaceful existence of any nation or region. It is therefore no surprise that when youths decide to galvanize their passions and desires into real action, one could see strength and meaning written all over such passion. And so it is with the vibrant youths of the Washington DC Metropolitan Chapter of the APC North America headed by the no-nonsense Youths Director, Mr. Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray.
He, and his team of dedicated youths of the Washington DC Metro Chapter are making history and revitalizing the efforts to rekindle the inner spirit to do the good things that are expected of youths in any given community or environment.   As Director of the Youth Wing, he and his members have recognized the importance of connecting with the youths in Sierra Leone in a way that has never before been though of by anyone. The youths of the APC Washington DC Chapter are going to lead the selfless campaign of feeding; or rather, sharing sumptuous food with the youths of Sierra Leone sometime in April 2011; all in the name of solidifying the promise to engage the youths in something meaningful in place of violence and the barrel of a gun. The long term goal is to make this event a National and annual carnival for all youths in and outside of Sierra Leone in collaboration with all existing Sierra Leone youth organizations in the country and around the world.   This cannot happen without the support of the wider membership of APC North America and all Sierra Leoneans of other denominations in North America and around the world. The contributions of all Sierra Leoneans would come in the form of buying a raffle ticket for just $25.00 but with the potential to win a round trip ticket to Sierra Leone or win other assorted prizes.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to help the Sierra Leone youth while enjoying the proceeds of your efforts. Please call 202-528-0274 or 301-502-2201 or 602-413-9373 to purchase your ticket before the raffle event of February 9th 2011. This will just be another golden opportunity for you to say to yourself – it was good and rewarding that I did!



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