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Report of theCYCN to the Rio+20 Conference
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Report of theCYCN to the Rio+20 Conference

On the occasion of theInternational Youth Day 2012, the Commonwealth Youth Climate Network (CYCN) is pleased to release the report of its participation to the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) last June, in Brazil.

From 6 to 23 June, 2012 a group of six environmental young leaders from Australia, Cameroon, Canada, New Zealand, Pakistan and Zambia represented the network at the conference in Rio de Janeiro where they organized a series of events and activities, and also supported other global youth and civil society organizations to design ‘’The Future We Want’’, the outcome document of the conference. On 17th June, they delivered a successful side event, ‘‘Achieving a sustainable future in Rio: what can do a Blue Economy?’’. This event, attended by over 25 participants, considered the implication of climate change on young people living in Small Islands Developing States.

Before Rio+20, the youth delegation also co-organized ‘’London+20’‘ an event initiated to empower young people in the United Kingdom on their role towards a successful Rio+20 Conference. The event held at the British Youth Council in London, on the 5th of June, the World Environment Day, with twenty (20) participants who improved their knowledge on the UN negotiation process on sustainable development.

The official press release anouncing the reports is available at: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?2lz58f5bt65zba5

Both reports could be read and downloaded at:

1. CYCN at Rio+20: http://fr.calameo.com/read/001329964132c08db402a
2. CYCN at London+20: http://fr.calameo.com/read/00132996419b0e8e17068



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