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One Love, One Life, One Heart, One God
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One Love, One Life, One Heart, One God

One love, one life, one heart, one God
Together as one is my cry, wont you answer my call
We’ve been in war for too long
The crime and violence is as popular as a Michael Jackson song
Let’s heal the world
From the oldest man to the youngest girl
We’ll stand together as one in peace and harmony
We’ll educate each other, motivate and inspire each other, we’ll set the minds free
We’ll be opened minded instead of one sided
We’ll break barriers, we’ll conquer demons, together we’ll be highly motivated

Love in our heart, love in our talks, love in our actions
A brighter future will spark the attraction
Like a couple deeply in love we’ll be passionate about our vision
We wont make quick decisions, we’ll think and weigh the situation to make smarter decisions
We’ll examine both sides
We’ll examine the positive and negative and ask ourselves a lot of questions like the little child
We’ll dig deep until we find solutions to our problems
Together as one we’ll solve them

We’ll call upon God everyday in prayer
Show us the way Messiah
We are weak but with you we can be strong
Where there is war ,hate and corruption replace it with peace and love so we may unite as one
Lead the way oh lord and we’ll follow
For with you we shall be protected from the wicked and there arrow
You’ll be the shield and we’ll be the weapon of positive ness
We’ll journey all over the world in hope of great success

One love, one life, one heart, one God
Indeed we see that as one we are strong so wont you answer my cry? Wont you answer my call?
Let’s unite as one for together as one we are strong
Put aside all differences, forget about whose right or wrong
Let’s focus on the bigger picture, let’s unite to make the world a better place
Forget about religion, political views or race

One love, one life, one heart, one God
Together as one we can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written By: Dillon Ollivierre
Inspired By: QQ song where is the love



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