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Message To The Youths
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Message To The Youths

Two of St.Vincent & The Grenadines young and talented poets come together to create a positive and up lifting masterpiece called ” Message To The Youths”. Dillon Ollivierre & Okieve Graham sends a strong message to ALL youths!

Youths! why have you become so complacent?
Why have you lowered your self esteem? why are you no longer confident?
Why are you no longer determined and focused? why are you no longer ambitious?
Why have you accepted defeat when you have all that it takes to be victorious?

Why do you undermine yourself, dwelling on the negatives
why not focus on the positives?
No! you’re not a failure, No! you were not created to suffer
Life is filled with challenges but it’s not a disaster
you constantly analyse all the wrong decisions you’ve made
thinking to yourself ” all i do is fail”
I’m a looser,i’ll never be a winner
Stop! i urge you to replace the negatives with positives and you’ll be an achiever

Stop! Now is not the time to be thinking negative
Instead believe in yourself, focus on the positives
Be confident and you’ll achieve greatness
Ignore the thought of being a failure, or the feeling of emptiness
Now is the time for you to attain that which you desire , now is not the time to retreat
Nor accept defeat
Stand! focus on that which you desire to achieve, now continue on your journey
Remain focus on the present for the past is history
Your future is shaped by the decisions you make today
stay true to yourself and be the best you can be and you achieve all that you desire one day
Learn from your mistakes,don’t live in regret nor blame it on your imperfection
Instead stand, analyze yourself and the mistakes you’ve made, i repeat do not blame it on your imperfection

Life’s challenges are not meant to torment us
But to make us better person’s so get up and shake off the dust
You focus on the negatives and constantly pull down yourself, why not focus on the positive and rise?
There are people who look up to you, people who believe in you and people who love you, so i urge you to rise
They see the good that fights to overcome the bad, the talent that shines like the moon
The great potential within you that’s ready to bloom
Believe in yourself, have faith and be the person that you know you can be
Youths embrace your destiny
Be ambitious, be determined and you’ll attain victory

Go on!! Go for it, you can make it, nothing is impossible

Written By: Dillon Ollivierre & Okieve Graham



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