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Latest: Skull Tattoos – The Symbols of Protest In The World
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Latest: Skull Tattoos – The Symbols of Protest In The World

Among the most popular tattoo designs since the ancient times are skull tattoo designs. In our times they are also often chosen by people in different countries. More than that, their popularity has become bigger recently. The most important question is what makes skull tattoo designs so often made? The cause for this is certainly not only the fashionable look of skull tattoo images. The main reason is much deeper. Skull tattoo designs have a big quantity of historical meanings, but they differ a lot from culture to culture. Because of it skull tattoo images usually have a personal connotation that is unique for a person who wears it.

It is traditionally said that skull designs tattoo are symbols of death. The briefness of people’s life is often revealed in such tattoos. But the true explanation is far deeper. The owner of a skull tattoo design emphasizes that he understands that everyone must die some day and that he is not afraid of death. Of course a person should be brave enough to make a skull tattoo design and people often accentuate their fearlessness by wearing it. The beginning of skull tattoos are found in Latin America. The Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico since the dawn of civilization. It is a holiday, when people are gathering to remember friends and relatives, who have died. Skull traditionally was an emblem this holiday and Indians belived skull tattoos to be amulets protecting from death. But surely today skull tattoo designs can have a variety of different connotations. This tattoo design most often symbolizes power and might.

Skull symbol can be discovered in practically every religion all over the word and it scared people from the earliest times. Skull with bones is a well known pirate symbol. Such skull tattoos nearly always symbolize freedom. Their owners desire to show that they have no obedience for society norms or often laws. By such skull tattoo design they want ot emphasize that freedom is the greatest value for them. Young people are often fond of skull tattoos. For them skull tattoo designs are symbols of their independance, and it makes skull tattoo images more and more popular. Sure enough there is a big number of forms of skull tattoo images. A Flaming skull is frequently made to emphasize the strong will of its owner. It is one of the most well known tattoo designs among extrimals and those who love risk. Not many years ago only men chose skull tattoo designs, but now this rule has changed. There appear more and more women who wish to have skull tattoo designs. With the growth of popularity among women new types of skull tattoo designss appeared, such as skull with roses. They are though to say ladie’s skull tattoos.

Commonly skull tattoo images are said to be rather aggressive and protest ones. But such tattoo images can besides symbolize changes. In many countries those who need to change their whole life prefer skull tattoo images. In all cases it is only your choice what tattoo design to make, but you should not forget that tattoo images with unique individual meaning are always the best.



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