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“What can young people do to help others in a time of need?”
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“What can young people do to help others in a time of need?”

In an age when disaster strikes all too frequently it is important to remember that young people are not powerless to help those in need, writes Eva Maria, a 20-year-old aspiring Commonwealth Correspondent based in New Zealand.

With the recent floods and cyclone in Queensland and earthquake in Christchurch, Australian and New Zealand people are starting to become more aware of natural risks and disasters which may strike at any moment in time.

As young people, or even as people in general, we may feel helpless – whether we’re at the place of disaster or not. Both countries are almost at two degrees of separation – everyone knows someone who knows someone, and these tragedies are definitely affecting all.

As young people, we aren’t helpless and my friends and I have put together some tips here that show just a few ways that we can help…

– Donate even 10% of this week’s pay to the key charity or organisations helping the disaster areas. If you can’t get to the city to help with your own hands, you may as well give something to help those already there.

– Go along to your local Rotary, Rotaract, BPW or other youth, community or even business network where you may find other young people and brainstorm some ideas about how you can help as a young collective. Many hands are better than one!

– Update your emergency kit at home. In a worst case scenario, make sure you’ll be able to survive to help others.

– Fly to the city and lend a helping hand – many organisations are looking for volunteers to donate their time to go help a city in need.

– Ask what your work can do – some have programs that have been allocated funds that allow employees do their bit for the country to go help.

– If you have been involved in the tragedy, write into local and national media with your stories about what people can prepare for before a disaster strikes. You can help save others’ lives next time by doing so.

What other tips or advice can you give about what young people can do to help in a time of need?


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