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International Youth Day Message
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International Youth Day Message

Commonwealth spokesperson’s statement for International Youth Day: Building a better world, partnering with youth

International Youth Day 2012 is celebrated on 12 August as we honour the commitment and dedication of thousands of athletes gathered in London for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Most of the participants are young people. They remind us that achieving our goals – no matter how lofty – can be a reality. The Games not only bring people together and inspire, they also inform us of humanity’s ability to exceed expectations.

The theme for this year’s International Youth Day is ‘Building a better world, partnering with youth’. It draws attention to the goal and responsibility of each generation to create a better world for the people who inherit it. It also recommends a solution – to partner with young people.

The Commonwealth believes that young people are one of our greatest assets: they bring strength, fresh perspectives and ensure that decisions and actions are relevant to our changing environment. Partnering with young people creates an intergenerational bond that inspires good leadership and shares the responsibility for outcomes.

For 40 years, the Commonwealth Youth Programme has advocated for young people to be at the heart of development. We are pleased that greater focus and resources are being committed to making this vision a reality, and we call on all decision-makers to partner with young people because the benefits of investing in youth will far outweigh the costs.

The Commonwealth joins the rest of the world in recognising and saluting the example set by our young athletes who show us that in giving their best, the finest achievements are possible. The hope for a sustainable and equitable world can become a reality if we work in partnership with our young people.


Richard Uku
Spokesperson and Director
Communications and Public Affairs Division
Tel: +44 (0)20 7747 6380
Email: [email protected]



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