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Final 18CCEM Youth Forum Recommendations
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Final 18CCEM Youth Forum Recommendations

Please find below the final recommendations for the 18CCEM Youth Forum

We, the young people of the Commonwealth, representing a range of cultures, religion, educational backgrounds, experience and regions, believe that education should prepare young people to face challenges, both academically and socially.  Furthermore, we reaffirm the statement from the 18th CCEM youth delegates that education is a right for all and not a privilege.
We, the delegates of the 18 CCEM Youth Forum, recommend the following:


We believe student participation in decision making, especially in education, should be integral and meaningful to the process.

Therefore, we call for endorsement and support from Commonwealth Ministers of Education and Youth, and all other Commonwealth education stakeholders, for the creation of the new Commonwealth Student Association, which will be a definitive voice of students in the Commonwealth.


  • Policy making should be inclusive and consultative of young people.  Recommendations and policy should be taken seriously and put into effect.
  • All countries should have a national student union to be the voice of all students.
  • Both genders should have equal opportunities to have a broad choice of subjects.
  • The Commonwealth Student Association (and steering group) should be supported with resource and skills development, including technology, fund raising and partnership building skills.


  • Education should be free to a certain level. It should be free in practice as well.
  • Education should be accessible for all young people.  No one is left behind.
  • We need a system which will not suppress talents.
  • Education should be broad and values based, so young people are equipped and eager to contribute to society.


  • Leadership representation should be from grass roots level to the top, with no discrimination.
  • Principles of equity should be taken seriously.
  • Technological advancements should be accessible for all students across the Commonwealth, and used effectively in curriculum.
  • Legislation should be formalized for adequate support systems and services for students.
  • Educational systems should promote conservation, appreciation and respect for one another irrespective of beliefs and faith.
  • Curriculum should be revised regularly, and be relevant to today’s and tomorrow’s students.
  • All young people should have the right to achieve academic requirement in line with their potential.

We, the delegates of the 18th CCEM Youth Forum, express our appreciation of the opportunity to participate in the forum, and to contribute to the future of education in the Commonwealth.



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