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“It takes courage and optimism to come out strong”
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“It takes courage and optimism to come out strong”

Life can throw up all kinds of challenges, struggles and traumas. But don’t give in – surround yourself with kind, caring and supportive people and maybe even join a humanitarian society and you will overcome, writes 23-year-old Ayodeji Morakinyo from Nigeria.

To:  Hall 2, Depression Building, Adjacent Trepidation District, Anxiety City, Loneliness State, Crazy World.

Dear Friend,

Words cannot fully express how touched I was when I heard of the devastating experience you had recently.

Though I cannot exactly tell how it feels to undergo such difficulty, I can somehow imagine your pains.

Consequently, I want to let you know how well I respect your attitude. I also give you kudos for your decision to see the result of this unexpected mishap as a challenge rather than a disadvantage.

Of recent, I have been thinking about things you can do to put the past behind and live the happy life you deserve. So, in this letter, I will share a few insights with you.

Firstly, when unpleasant things happen, it is best to put the past behind for that is where it belongs. We need to face the present issues and plan for a better future. In light of this, I suggest that you take some time to write about your daily events. That is, write down the main or major events that happen each day and note the reasons for their occurrence.

If there is something that makes you sorrowful, take note. Then decide to prevent it from happening next time and be committed to your decision. Also, sharing your time with others will go a long way to keep you busy. When you have a lot of activity, you won’t have enough time to flash back. Of course, nostalgia will have its way once in a while but when it does, a busy day will help prevent depression.

Visit your good old friends and share good memories again. Travel to new places. Make new friends too and impact other lives with your testimony. This will help you wax stronger.

Thirdly, deal with the present reality. It takes great courage and optimism to come out strong so, no matter how often people, circumstances or even your doubts discourage you. Don’t breakdown. Don’t give up, just increase your courage.

Never admit defeat. Make yourself happy. Live the happy life that depends only on you deciding to live it. Do what you’ve always wanted to do. Create time for it. If it will bring you happiness, do it. No-one else but you will be held responsible for your sadness. Ultimately, your happiness depends on you.

Don’t allow loneliness to aggravate your internal wounds.

Surround yourself with kind, caring and supportive people. Join a community club, humanitarian society or volunteering program. Participate in debates, discussions and public affairs. You have the right to be active and happy so exercise it!

And regardless of what happens, ensure your joy is never lost again. I hope you have found these tips useful and will transform to a delightful person. Towards your newness and greatness, cheers!

Yours Sincerely,

A friend at heart, Ayodeji Morakinyo.

#6, Happiness Str. Along Elation Road, Great Inspiration City, Wonderful State.


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