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Correspondence: Believe and you can achieve
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Correspondence: Believe and you can achieve

No one is born confident. You acquire self-confidence through years of practice and learning, writes Kyle Reneau, a 17-year-old Belizean from Belize City.

In the highly competitive world we live in the importance of self confidence cannot be exaggerated enough.

Ordinary men and women who were once stuck in minimum wage jobs have today become multimillion dollar entrepreneurs thanks to a belief in their dreams and self confidence.

To achieve any goal you must have determination, skill, perseverance and, most importantly, all self confidence. Nothing great was ever achieved by anyone who lacked confidence.

Sir Isaac Newton did not become a leading scientist by not believing in himself. Rather he kept at it and never doubted himself or his work. Everyone who has had success in anything has had to have some realisation of self worth.

If your confidence is lacking then all the skills and effort that can possibly be done will be futile. Low self confidence results in the paralysing of the mind when vital decisions need to be made.

Confidence is not genetic, nor is it hereditary.

No one is born confident, but they acquire it over years through their friends, family and life experiences. A confident person can be spotted miles away simply by the way they walk, the way they talk and how they interact with those around them.

As they enter a room the air seems to buzz with importance. They command respect from those around them by knowing what to do and when to do it. Everything always seems to just fall into place for them regardless of the situation.

To gain self confidence you must first understand that it is something learnt, something that can be improved and something that can be practiced. Self confidence is generated and is very much in your hands to mold.

It is the level of confidence that differentiates between what is success and what is failure. If you are a confident person you will never know the meaning of I CAN’T. Confident people simply ‘do’. They worry not about what if they fail or what if they mess up.

Bill Gates simply ‘did’, and never second-guessed what he knew he was able to do. It is up to no one but yourself to help you achieve a high level of confidence which will in turn make you a success. And with success comes more confidence.

Being confident in today’s competitive world is not just an asset but is also a means of survival. It enables you to get a job, to get a raise and to even find that significant other. It brings out the fighter within you, opening new doors which were once closed.

With the realisation and appreciation of what your mind and body can do, nothing is ever really far out of reach because ultimately the one who wins is the one who believes he can win.



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