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‘One ocean – one people’

The ‘Pacific Nkabom Youth Steering Committee’ will build on the success of Nkabom Peace-building and leadership Programme that took place in Rwanda last year. Nkabom means ‘coming together’ in the Ghanaian language of Twi.  It is the name for the Royal Commonwealth Society’s (RYC) unique Commonwealth Youth Leadership Programme [Please refer to http://www.thercs.org/youth/nkabominfo for more information].  The Pacific youth delegates who participated in this training formed a steering committee with the aim to facilitate and replicate a similar training for the young people from the Pacific region.

In organizing this regional conference, this programme will:

  • Bring together 2 youth participants between the ages of 18-25 – from Australia, Solomon, Samoa, Tonga, New Zealand, Tuvalu, Niue, Kiribati, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of Marshall Islands – This interactive programme builds peace-building and advocacy skills designed to empower participants to be leaders in their own communities.
  • Address the themes of leadership and conflict resolution using examples in the Pacific region as case studies with the aim of empowering young people to take leadership and take action on issues that cause conflict in their communities.
  • Engage, educate and embed key themes and theories which will in turn give young people the confidence to take action and enable them to assist with their governments and stakeholders on devising best practices, processes and mechanisms for peace in the Pacific Region.
  • Enable a cultural exchange between participants & engage young people in key topics affecting their countries.

The ‘Pacific Nkabom Youth Steering Committee’ would also appreciate you sending this around your networks on their behalf!

When: 20th – 23rd of June, 2011

Where: Auckland, New Zealand

Deadline for applications: 18th of May, 2011

Peace-building application


If you have any questions, please contact Steering Committee member Katrina Ma’u @ [email protected]

This conference is funded and supported by the Commonwealth Youth Programme [CYP], United Nations Development Programme [UNDP] and the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization [UNESCO]



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