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Commonwealth youth set for online course in development
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Commonwealth youth set for online course in development

Youth Programme links with Commonwealth of Learning to develop pilot course on Commonwealth values

One hundred young participants from four regions of the Commonwealth will participate in a 10-week live pilot of the Embracing Commonwealth Values (CV) eLearning course on 1 May, 2012. This online course will transform the paper-based Diploma for Youth Development into engaging and fun virtual learning experience that can happen anytime and anywhere.

The course is the result of a collaboration between the Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP) and the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), based in Vancouver, Canada.

COL was asked to develop a stand-alone short course to foster deeper understanding of the Commonwealth values that underpin the actions and activities of the Commonwealth. Using effective and web-friendly technologies, the COL team created an interactive learning experience for young people to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that strengthen Commonwealth values in individuals, families, communities and nations.

The Online course is available at www.colelearning.net/cyp . COL has also set up an online e-portfolio site on for all participants to post their thoughts on issues like human rights, equality, empowerment, equity, democracy, development, diversity, dialogue and co-operation and peace. At the end of the course, each participant will receive a Certificate of Completion, be able to join the CYP’s Human Rights and Democracy Youth network and will have the opportunity to participate in other CYP Human rights training programmes if interested.

The pilot will be externally evaluated and the results will inform developers of the adjustments needed to shape the course materials and delivery design for subsequent roll-out of CV eLearning at scale.

Layne Robinson from the CYP said: “We are really excited about this new elearning course. It is an innovative and an extremely cost effective way to conduct training.

“CYP has had a long history in training young people and youth work practitioners, but this new product will offer greater access and flexibility to our stakeholders. CYP intends to offer many other innovative and interesting short courses online that will be relevant to young people and youth practitioners across the Commonwealth.”

CVeLearning pilot invitation CVeLearning pilot application form



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