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Capacity Building Workshop on Trade related Labour and Gender Issues
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Capacity Building Workshop on Trade related Labour and Gender Issues

The Pinelands Creative Workshop (PCW) is facilitating a one-day workshop on the topic highlighted above on Wednesday, 16th February 2011 at the Horatio Cooke Auditorium, NUPW Headquarters, Dalkeith, St Michael from 10am – 3pm.

The Workshop is a component of a new project which is being conducted throughout the Caribbean including Barbados, with the objectives of:

1)Increasing the level of awareness of labour rights of vulnerable groups in the society

2)Building technical knowledge of civil society leaders on trade related labour and gender issues

3)Increasing the level of public discussion on labour rights and the treatment of labour in Trade Agreements.

The project and this Workshop are supported by the Government of Canada through its Human Resources and Skills Development of Canada (HRSDC) and the Caribbean Policy Development Centre (CPDC). This Workshop will explore the topics:

Introduction to Trade Agreements Gender and Labour in Trade Agreements The Caribbean’s Position on Labour & Gender in Trade Agreements

The BYDC has been granted five participants for the Workshop. If you are so interested in being a participant please send a brief write up of your interest inclusive of your biographical information no later than Sunday January 22 to [email protected] . Successful participants will be informed by Wednesday January 26.



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