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Bamenda to Host National Youth Day in Cameroon
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Bamenda to Host National Youth Day in Cameroon

Bamenda, the headquarters of the North West Region will next February 3 and 4 dance to the rhythm of activities marking the launching of this year’s 45th edition of the National Youth Day. The details were worked out in Yaounde by the committee in charge of the third preparatory meeting chaired by Youth Affairs Minister, Adoum Garoua.

Activities to mark this launching ceremony will include a meeting between the Minister of Youth Affairs and youth leaders on their projects and plans for the year, exhibitions showcasing the know how of youth in the region and a cultural evening. Adoum Garoua urged the commission to get all stakeholders involved in the organisation of the event especially the local authorities.

Another salient point that was raised in the meeting by the Minister was the need for the committee in charge of the organisation of an exhibition to mark the event in Yaounde to give it the attention it deserves.

As one of the highpoints of activities, Adoum Garoua challenged the committee members to mobilise as many self-employed youth as possible. Other points that the Minister laid emphasis on were on the effective holding of sport events like the wheel chair basket ball by the handicapped and the football tournament to involve youths aged between 15 and 35.



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