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Create and share videos

If you have access to a camera or camera-phone and a computer, why not create a video and share it with people all across the world on YourCommonwealth?

You don’t need to be a professional film-maker – you just need the basic equipment and a bit of enthusiasm!

You might want to create:

  • A short video of yourself or your friends talking about a subject that you are passionate about (for instance, climate change, democracy, football or cooking).
  • A short interview film where you ask questions of someone you know or have met.
  • A music video featuring yourself or your friends singing, dancing or playing instruments.

Feel free to send your video ideas to will @

When you are done making the video, upload it to and then send us the link so we can put it on the website.

For tips and advice on creating videos, please click here.

Note: We are only looking for amateur videos. If you are a professional or semi-professional film-maker you should consider entering your film in the Royal Commonwealth Society’s Vision Awards.