Advice and tips

There is no one right way to construct an article. Every writer has their own unique style and perspective which informs their writing.

However, there are some simple steps which you can follow to create an interesting and enjoyable piece that others will want to read. Here are some tips to consider when writing:

Top tips

Don’t write too much – Readers tend to lose interest after 500 words, so try to keep to between 150 and 500 words if you can.

Message – The best articles have a clear message. What is it you are trying to say? How can you best express it? Try to think about this before you start writing.

Keep it topical – Try to find a recent or upcoming event or a quotation from a newspaper to write about. You can describe it in detail or simply use it as the starting point for your article. This keeps the piece timely and newsworthy.

Five Ws and one H – If you’re writing about an event, try to give some detail by answering the following: Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How?

Balance – Make sure you take a balanced approach to their articles. Always try to put across the other counter argument. And remember, people have a right to reply!

Tolerance – Make sure you don’t offend anyone. Be respectful of other people’s feelings and beliefs.

Quotes – You might wish to include the comments or remarks of other people in your story.

Photos – Pictures are a great way of capturing attention and illustrating an article. Be sure to say who took the photo and, if it wasn’t you, get permission to use it.

Links – Include any links to websites or web stories that are relevant to your article.

Plagiarism – All of your sentences need to be your own! Don’t copy and paste text from other sources.