Recording and sending your Bright Idea

Recording your Bright Idea

To share your Bright Idea with the wider world, we recommend that you organise for someone to record your presentation as a video, or at least as an audio file. We can then feature it online with the rest of the Bright Ideas on the website. Your presentation can be as long or as short as you like, but between 5-7 minutes is recommended.

You don’t need a professional film-maker to record a Bright Ideas talk. The Bright Ideas website will accept even videos filmed on a camera phone. However, with a little investment, for example by using multiple cameras, you can really improve the viewing experience for a web audience, which has a short attention span.

Framing a speaker’s words with multiple camera angles is more dynamic and interesting than holding one camera angle for a long period of time. Here are some recommendations for filming:

1. Choose the best camera angles for each moment

2. Use more close-ups and medium shots than wide shots

3. Ensure the sound quality is clear – people need to clearly understand what you’re saying and it is difficult to enhance this in the editing process.

4. Ensure everyone featured in the recording has offered their permission or had the opportunity to opt out.

The last point is especially important. If you intend to record an event, you should inform those who may be recorded in advance, to give them the opportunity to opt out. If you do not inform them in advance, all persons recorded should be asked to sign a form acknowledging that they have given permission for their image and voice to be recorded and published.

Sending us your Bright Idea presentation

Email the recording of your Bright Ideas presentation to [email protected] and we will add Bright Ideas branding, upload it and promote it for you. Sites such as Dropbox or Google Drive allow you to share large video files easily by sending a link to download the file, rather than sending the entire file through email.

It’s good to email us before you send the download link through so we can expect it and know who it is coming from. Only those videos which comply with the Code of Conduct and Commonwealth values will be uploaded. We will accept entries filmed on any device, provided they are subject to the following:

• Subjects in shot must be clearly visible and well lit;
• Audio should be clear and free from distortion;
• Filming must be steady and shake free (we recommend the use of a tripod or a similar stabiliser)

The videos will be hosted on the Commonwealth Secretariat’s YouTube channel. When exporting your finished video we recommend the following settings:
• Container: MP4
• Audio codec: AAC-LC
• Video codec: H.264
• The minimum resolution (video size) should be 480 pixels widescreen (854×480)

Content must be encoded and uploaded using the same frame rate that was used during recording. For instance, If the video was filmed at 24 FPS (frames per second) then it should be exported with the same frame rate. Most video editing software have a setting for YouTube so feel free to use those settings in exporting your finished product.