How Bright Ideas Works

The Bright Ideas from a Young Commonwealth how-to guide provides information about how to be involved with the Bright Ideas initiative. It provides tips and guidance on hosting a successful Bright Ideas event and how you can showcase and present your Bright Ideas talk. For a downloadable print version of the how-to guide, see: Bright Ideas – a guide to inspiring others [447KB PDF]

How Bright Ideas works

Are you aged 15-29 and want to share your Bright Idea with your local community and across the Commonwealth? Here is a quick guide on how to go about it.

1. Identify your Bright Idea
• Have you seen a problem or opportunity in your community, and developed an innovative solution to address it? Or do you know a young person who has?
• Have you implemented your solution and has it had a positive impact?

2. Choose how you would like to showcase your Bright Idea
• Identify your audience and think about how to make the Bright Idea interesting to them.
• Design an event or activity based on available resources. You might build it into an event you already have planned.
• Work out the timing and plan the logistics.
• Promote your event and ensure your messages are clear.
• Create an inspiring presentation.

3. Film your Bright Idea presentation using a video recorder or camera phone, or a microphone
• Organise someone to film or record the talk
• Make sure the visual and sound quality are OK.

4. Send it to the Commonwealth Secretariat for uploading to the Bright Ideas webpage

For more information about Bright Ideas, see: