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Youth Breakfast Dialogue (November 28)

Voices of Commonwealth youth heard at highest levels23071856510_5fb3077598_o

Young leaders from across the Commonwealth met today with Heads of Government and UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon in a unique exchange on unemployment, climate change and violent extremism.

Kishva Ambigapathy, the incoming Chair of the Commonwealth Youth Council backed leaders’ efforts against climate change and said governments had the full support of the Council in combating terrorism. He urged them to collaborate with young people in seeking solutions to current global crises.

“We have come together to form a consensus, and now our voices must be heard and recognised for their value,” he said. Read more here…

CYF Day 5 (November 25)

Youth council for 1.2 billion young people elected

22669164673_a61e16af9c_oThe Commonwealth Youth Council, representing national youth bodies from 53 countries, today elected a new leadership team at its General Assembly at the Commonwealth Youth Forum in Malta.

Kishva Ambigapathy, a youth leader and engineering student from Malaysia, was chosen as Chairperson, and will be supported by an executive committee of other elected youth leaders including representatives of Africa and Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and Americas, and Pacific regions. Read more here…


Commonwealth youth leaders seek empowered partnerships with governments

22676275203_bd8f099c78_oYouth leaders from across the Commonwealth called for governments to prioritise youth employment opportunities, and to empower young people to partner and lead in processes of peace-building and climate change adaptation.

After five days of debate on issues of economic, environmental, social and political development, youth delegates produced a call to action encapsulating their concerns, priorities and recommendations. They will present it to Commonwealth Heads of Government as part of their November 27-29 summit.

In addition to their policy recommendations, youth leaders also developed an action plan containing concrete initiatives that they will lead, individually and collectively, on return to their home countries. Read more here…



CYF Day 4 (November 24)

23250012746_9d55dd19de_oDelegates spent the day discussing their #whatnext action plans and policy recommendations. They also voted for the new executive of the Commonwealth Youth Council, which will serve from 2015-17.







CYF Day 3 (November 23)22617270354_c249e38b1b_o

Charles Batte (aged 28) from Uganda is the winner of the Bright Ideas from a Young Commonwealth contest. He is the founder and CEO of Tree Adoption Uganda, a youth-led social enterprise that works to jointly address the challenges of youth unemployment and climate change. Charles presented his Bright Idea today to youth delegates at the Commonwealth Youth Forum. Read more here…


Youth add their voice to debate on climate change

Calls for action on climate change dominated discussions on day three of the Commonwealth Youth Forum in Malta during presentations from leading regional and international experts.CYF-Action

Christina Giwe, a youth delegate from Papua New Guinea, made a passionate appeal to her colleagues to take the lead in addressing climate change, and received a standing ovation from the floor.

“We cannot wait on governments. We have to act now. Please support your brothers and sisters in the Pacific who are facing this very real threat each day. Climate change is real,” said Ms Keziah. Read more here…


CYF Day 2 (November 22)

Young people encouraged to be agents of change 

Proceedings on day two of the Commonwealth Youth Forum kicked off with a plenary discussion on the role of young people in achieving the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs).


Katherine Ellis, Director of Youth at the Commonwealth Secretariat, encouraged young people to ‘join the conversation’ on the SDGs.

She said: “You must begin to think about how you can work in the framework of the [SDGs] as an agent of change. Young people helped to design the SDGs, and young people must help to implement them. You are the most knowledgeable, connected generation ever, and you must grasp this opportunity to have real influence.”

Timothy Ferdinand, Chair of the Caribbean Regional Youth Council, added his voice to the call.

“Young people must respectfully force their way into the debate. We must upgrade our advocacy capacity to take advantage of the spaces that have been presented to us, such as the Commonwealth Youth Forum. Assuming this role is our ‘#whatnext’ for the SDGs. We have been asking for a voice, and now we have it,” said Timothy.


CYF Day 1 (November 21)

‘Be outrageous!’ Youth Forum opens with call to action from PM of Malta


The 10th Commonwealth Youth Forum began today with an impressive display of Maltese heritage in song and dance. More than 200 youth leaders from across the Commonwealth’s 53 member countries have gathered in Malta, and were entertained by local act Etnika, who gave a rousing song and dance performance at the San Antonio Hotel.

The five-day forum (November 21-25) will see youth delegates explore the key issues facing their generation, and determine their role in implementing the Global Goals. It is held under the theme “Adding Global value…#WhatNext?”

At the opening ceremony, Malta’s Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, said: “Don’t be afraid to come up with outrageous ideas. Don’t hide from provocative debates. We expect this sort of energy from young people, and I am confident that you will use this Forum to push through an ambitious agenda.” Read more here…





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