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Commonwealth Youth put forward Declaration and Action Plan to power their common future
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Commonwealth Youth put forward Declaration and Action Plan to power their common future

Commonwealth Youth Council General Assembly

On the final day of the 11th Commonwealth Youth Forum, the young people of the Commonwealth finalised their declaration, expressing their policy recommendations to Heads of Government and action plan for the Commonwealth Youth Council.

Layne Robinson, Head of Social Policy Development at the Commonwealth Secretariat said that the young people spoke very clearly on what they wanted to see and they called on heads to be the first group of nations to endorse the UN Resolution 2250 on young people’s role in peace and security.

“The heads have endorsed UNSCR 2250 and this is a landmark achievement for the Commonwealth and sending the powerful message that young people are agents of peace and social cohesion.”

The action plan adopted by the General Assembly at the Youth Forum is in support of promoting a more prosperous, secure, sustainable and fairer future. At a press conference following the close of the Forum on Wednesday, new Commonwealth Youth Council chair Tijani Christian said that the Forum has given the Council a clear directive of what needs to be done with the action plan going forward, and that issues of sustainability and strengthening the member countries were key points in the young people’s declaration.




The action plan contains key initiatives for working towards a more secure future, including integration of UNSCR 2250 a national levels, the use of sport for development and peace and calls for cybersecurity legislation.

The new Commonwealth Youth Council Executive who were elected during the Forum and will be pivotal in taking the young people’s action plan forward, has more women than men serving for the first time with five of the positions filled by women, a significant move in a fairer future for the Commonwealth’s young people.

June Sarpong, Be Cool Be Nice Ambassador spoke to delegates about fairness during the Forum’s close and encouraged them to create change through grassroots networks and to remember the power of kindness and respect. “The Be Cool Be Nice campaign highlights the power of just being nicer and treating everyone with respect. We look to you as young people of the Commonwealth to be the powerful messengers of peace”.


Read the full declaration and action plan



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