Achaleke Christian Leke (CYPAN-Africa Coordinator)


Achaleke Christian Leke, CYPAN-Africa Coordinator

I am Achaleke Christian Leke, a youth civil society activist and peace advocate with over eight years of experience and a record of working with over one million young people in my execution/co-organisation of over 100 youth development and peace building projects.

I volunteer as the National Coordinator of a youth-led civil society organisation  called Local Youth Corner Cameroon. I am a member of several youth development networks and organisations, and I work in close collaboration with the Cameroon Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education and other development stakeholders. Most recently I was named the Commonwealth Young Person of the Year 2016, thanks to my contribution to peace and the fight against violent extremism.

I am 26 and was born in Fiango Kumba, Cameroon, a town renowned for youth involvement in violence such as jungle justice, kidnapping, and other socio-cultural issues. Even though I was a victim of radicalisation and violence, today I have transformed from an agent of violence to an ambassador of peace and change.

My organisation is currently championing youth action for peace and preventing and countering violent extremism. In 2015, I developed a youth peace building training manual and video documentary that has empowered over 20,000 young people both in Cameroon and abroad. I have an established track record of working and disengaging young people from violence.

I have developed into a trainer, project coordinator, mentor, coach, policy drafter and innovator in the domain of peace, conflict prevention and security. I am a member of the Global Youth Advocacy Team of the United Network of Young Peace Builders (UNOY), and help them advocate for the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security.

CYPAN Logo final2I have had the opportunity to speak and participate in several international and national forums to share my experience on the role of young people in peace building. I have also contributed in developing several national and international policy documents relating to young people, peace and the fight against violent extremism; one of which was the Youth Action Agenda to Prevent Violent Extremism and Promote Peace.

I hope to bring together all these different experiences and strategic involvement in the sector to secure the growth of the Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network-Africa, and to ensure that the youth perspective on peace, security, and conflict is heard.