Commonwealth Youth Climate Change Network (CYCN)

Expert Group Meeting in July 2015

Expert Group Meeting in July 2015

The Commonwealth Youth Climate Change Network (CYCN) was established in 2009 during the Young Commonwealth Climate Summit in London, where 150 young environmental leaders gathered to share experiences and expertise. The CYCN aims to build the capacity of young people in their endeavours to address climate change and other environmental issues, and advocate on climate change from a youth perspective.

The network is run by a team of dedicated volunteer professionals and young people from across the Commonwealth, with support from the Youth Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat. Leneka Rhoden of Jamaica is the current CYCN Coordinator. 


Read more about the Network’s Executive Team here.

The CYCN supports actions that empower young people to translate climate change programmes into effective policies that have a measurable impact on youth well-being. It also links projects implemented by its members across the Commonwealth in order to develop common actions and campaigns.

CYCN members advocate within national and local governments, as well as in international agencies and global spaces such as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, to ensure that succeeding generations are spared from the harshest effects of climate change.

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