Commonwealth Youth for Sustainable Urbanisation Network (CYSU)

60% of the population of the Commonwealth is young people under the age of 30. Well managed human settlements are key drivers of climate change solutions, economic development, innovation and entrepreneurship, and sources of employment underpinned by the activities of young people, who largely still lack a seat at the decision-making table. 

The creation of this network is in response to the Call to Action on Sustainable Urbanisation across the Commonwealth, launched in 2021 by the Commonwealth Sustainable Cities Initiative (a multidisciplinary partnership group of Commonwealth partners comprising the Association of Commonwealth Universities, the Commonwealth Association of Architects, the Commonwealth Association of Planners and the Commonwealth Local Government Forum) which acknowledges the importance of youth in sustainable urbanisation. The network builds on the Youth Manifesto for Sustainable Urbanism launched at CHOGM 2018, London. A unique aspect of this network, reflecting the Call to Action, is recognising the need to foster interdisciplinarity between youth interested, or beginning their careers, in sectors related to the built environment, such as the technical professions, local government and academia.