Bright Ideas Code of Conduct and Disclaimers

Code of Conduct

Being a Bright Ideas event organiser and speaker has certain responsibilities and requirements attached. All contributors to, including Bright Ideas presenters and event organisers, are expected to adhere to the following Code:

• Will respect the Commonwealth’s principles and values, including those of tolerance and understanding.

• Will not use the website to make accusations against any named individuals or organisations, or otherwise make defamatory allegations.

• Will take a balanced approach in all reporting and strive to put across alternative views and counter arguments.

• Will not plagiarise, or copy, the work of others.

• Will obtain, if they are under 18 years of age, the permission of a parent or guardian to contribute.

• Will take good care and never put themselves or anyone else in danger.

• By submitting any content (such as articles, pictures and videos), give the Commonwealth Secretariat copyright to distribute or republish said content on its websites or other platforms (refer to the copyright permissions for more information).

• Give permission for content (such as articles, pictures and videos) to be offered by the Commonwealth Secretariat to other media outlets and platforms free-of-payment. Re-publication will not entail commercial benefit, but will give added exposure to contributors’ work, and the Commonwealth Youth Programme.

• Will not claim to represent the Commonwealth Youth Programme or Commonwealth Secretariat unless employed as such.


Venue permissions

The Commonwealth Secretariat accepts no responsibility or liability for events or activities organised by external organisations or individuals under the name of Bright Ideas from a Young Commonwealth.

Any organisation or individual participating in, or supporting, a Bright Ideas event should not be deemed to have been endorsed by, be an agent or employee of, or be associated with the Commonwealth Secretariat in any way. Any views expressed by the event organiser/s, sponsor/s and/or speakers are theirs alone.

It is the sole responsibility of the event organiser/s to ensure relevant permissions are sought and approved for venues, and to safeguard the safety and reputations of all those connected with, or invited to, a Bright Ideas talk.

Image consent

By providing a Bright Ideas video you consent to the Commonwealth Secretariat, its agents, and employees all rights to exhibit this work in print and electronic form publicly or privately to promote the Bright Ideas initiative.

By providing a Bright Ideas video you further consent that your name and identity may be revealed through descriptive text or commentary, and that all persons depicted have given their consent for their image and speech to be used in this way.


The Commonwealth Secretariat does not provide funding to individuals or organisations to host Bright Ideas events. The Bright Ideas initiative is non-commercial and attendees should not be charged to attend a Bright Ideas event. Speakers should not be paid for speaking.

Discretionary publishing rights

The Commonwealth Secretariat reserves the right to not publish content on which does not adhere to the Code of Conduct or views and values not endorsed by Secretariat. The Commonwealth’s values and aspirations are enshrined in the Commonwealth Charter.