Caribbean & Canada finalists

Priya Verma (Canada)

Priya started the ‘Increasing Underground Water Resources’ project, which works to educate young people on environmental issues. She also founded the network, which aims to engage young people as active citizens in improving the environment and protecting natural resources in their communities.

Nolana Lynch (Trinidad and Tobago)

Nolana created the eco-friendly, all-natural skin and hair care line Eco-Truffles, which uses sustainable raw materials from rural women producers throughout the Caribbean. She has also spearheaded sustainable agriculture projects in several Caribbean countries.

Marcus Kissoon (Trinidad and Tobago)

Marcus founded the Organisation for Abused and Battered Individuals, whose mission is to utilise a holistic and strategic approach to prevent all forms of sexual violence. It has trained and sensitised more than 2,000 young people in schools, vocational centres, and orphanages on child abuse.

Nevar Smith (The Bahamas)

Nevar established the Bahamas Youth Movement, an advocacy organisation geared toward bringing young people together to find creative ways to make positive contributions to their country. It runs the Youth Expressions Radio Show, which gives young people a platform to let their voices be heard.